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We’ve updated our safety precautions for all in-hospital sessions, with the use of extensive PPE and screening procedures for your safety and ours...
About Us
Toefy Physiotherapy is an in-hospital physiotherapy practice based at Melomed Tokai.

We’ve updated our safety precautions for all sessions with extensive use of PPE and Covid-19 screening procedures for your safety and ours. We will continually revise our safety measures to stay up to date with the latest available information, research, and management protocols for your safety.

As Physiotherapists we aim to provide a timely and appropriate service which is patient specific to enable our patients to achieve the best possible quality of recovery and optimum independence following injury or illness.

Our physiotherapists are there to help with a patient's recovery in hospital. The type and amount of sessions is dependent on the condition and any rehabilitation goals that may have been set.

We have adopted a hands on treatment approach which includes a thorough evaluation and treatment plan.

Treatment plans are holistic and involves working closely with the patient as well as their families in order to reach the goals that the patient and the physiotherapist have set together in order to achieve the highest level of independence and optimal function before being discharged.

We have a special interest in cardiothoracic physiotherapy which includes the treatment of conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. We are passionate about the treatment of cardiorespiratory disorders as Melomed Tokai is a recognised heart centre.

Toefy Physiotherapy - In-hospital physiotherapy services in Cape Town
Our Services
Our Physiotherapists are highly trained health professionals who are able to provide treatment for a variety of conditions such as:
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